A message to new interns from the Chair

6 Feb 2019

The AMA is the voice of the medical profession - and it's a powerful one. However member organisations are only as strong as their members, and the only way to influence your AMA is to be inside the tent.

 There is a huge diversity of doctors and therefore views and priorities around Australia. Where our vision is shared however is in advancing the health of our patients, keeping our health system fair and effective, and improving doctor wellbeing. Looking after our whole community, including each other, from internship to fellowship and beyond.

This is the purpose of the AMA.

We know interns aren't paid in pirate level gold, but your membership costs less than a coffee a day, is tax deductible, and opens up a huge range of member benefits, offered both by your local State AMA and the Federal branch. You can find out how to get involved with the AMA as a doctor in training member here or contact your State or Territory AMA at: 


AMA South Australia

AMA Queensland

AMA Western Australia

AMA New South Wales

AMA Victoria

AMA Northern Territory

AMA Tasmania


Joining the AMA is partly about what it is, but more about what you want it to be. I strongly encourage you to get involved with your local State AMA and use it to make the most of your medical training and career.

Congratulations again on graduating, and hopefully see you soon!

Dr Tessa Kennedy

Chair, AMA Council of Doctors in training

Contact Tessa at cdt.chair@ama.com.au