AMC/MBA Intern survey results released

3 Jul 2018

The results of the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and Medical Board of Australia (MBA) survey of interns in September 2017 suggests that on average interns feel that medical school prepared them for internship.

“Of note is the lack of gender gap in self-declared preparedness, and an increase in reported unpreparedness with age. Preparedness to deal with stress, discrimination bullying and harassment, and doctors’ health remains an issue” said Dr Tessa Kennedy, Chair, AMA Council of Doctors in Training.

“Further insight into what those schools that rated higher on preparedness are doing would be useful with a view to sharing these learnings.”

The AMA Council of Doctors in Training will be talking to the AMC to discuss ways to improve the level of preparedness for internship of medical students.

Read the full survey results here.