Selection into FACEM Training - Opening soon!

12 Jun 2018

Emergency medicine — it’s exciting, it’s fast paced, and it’s constantly changing. It’s also hard work, especially for those who are working towards their Fellowship. This is why in 2018, the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) is introducing the Selection into FACEM Training process. Under this new process, prospective trainees will be selected into the College based on their suitability for FACEM training in a once-per-year selection process.

This is an important opportunity for the College to progress and mature,” said Deputy Censor in Chief, FACEM Dr Simon Chu. “One of the ways to progress our training program is by picking the best applicants for it.”

As this is a new process there may be some uncertainty about how to apply for Selection – we hope that the information below will answer any questions you may have.

Am I eligible to apply for selection into the FACEM Training Program?

To be eligible to apply for Selection into the FACEM Training Program you must possess the following:

  • Full general registration with either AHPRA or MCNZ, dependent upon the country in which you plan to complete your training,
  • Citizenship, permanent residency, or appropriate visas to undertake training, in the country in which you plan to complete your training, and
  • You must be in at least your second postgraduate year (PGY2) at the time of application and have completed the following:
    • A minimum of one full term in emergency medicine, completed in or after PGY2, in Australia and/or New Zealand.
    • A minimum of two full terms in two different disciplines other than emergency medicine.

How do I apply online?

You will be able to apply online via a website link which will be provided on the ACEM website. The online application will consist of three parts:

  • Curriculum Vitae Application form,
  • Selection References, from 4 referees nominated by you from your most recent full ED term,
  • Institutional Reference from the ED in which you spent your most recent full ED term 

You will be required to register and pay the Selection Application fee.  You will then receive an email with personal login details to access the system and commence your application.  You will be able to save your progress and return to your application at a later time, if necessary, but will need to ensure your application is complete, including uploading any required supporting documentation, before you submit by the closing dates which are outlined below.  As always, ACEM staff will be on hand to provide support if you experience any difficulties in completing your application.  

Additional information can be found by clicking here

When do I need to apply by?

The key dates that you will need to keep in mind are listed below. Please note that the NZ and NSW application dates are opening soon! 


New Zealand  and NSW

Rest of Australia

Applications open

4 June 2018

6 August 2018

Applications close

6 July 2018

7 September 2018

All references due

20 July 2018

5 October 2018

Selection Subcommittee meeting

6 August 2018

12 November 2018

Notification to applicants

17 August 2018

7 December 2018

Enrolment due

19 November 2018

21 January 2019

Why do I need to pay a Selection application fee? 

The Selection application fee covers the costs of the software needed for administering the process along with necessary staffing costs. Further information regarding ACEM fees can be found here. 

What supporting documentation do I need to provide? 

We have provided a brief list below which may assist you in collating the necessary supporting documentation for your application. Depending on what information you provide in your application, you may need additional documentation to these listed below.

  • A passport-style photograph of yourself
  • A certified copy of your passport
  • Certified evidence of citizenship/PR status OR a certified copy of current visa/in-progress visa application
  • Evidence of previous qualifications
  • Evidence of completion for each term of your postgraduate training (letters of completion, Term Supervisor reports etc.)
  • Certificates of completion for professional development
  • Certificate of achievement/participation or letter of verification for extra-curricular activities
  • Hospital employment letter/school reports/letter from relevant school to confirm rurality 

Who should I nominate for a reference?

You are required to submit the details of four (4) referees from your most recent full ED term, of which a minimum of two (2) must be FACEMs, and who are able to complete Selection References.  Valid referees are to include the following:

  • One MUST be the Director of Emergency Medicine Training (DEMT), or the Director of EM (DEM) in departments not accredited for the FACEM Training Program;
  • One MUST be the Term Supervisor if this is not also the DEMT;
  • One other senior EM consultant, defined as at least three (3) years since commencing employment as an EM consultant;
  • One other senior clinician (medical or EM nurse). Senior medical staff includes non-EM consultants (If your DEMT was also your term supervisor, you will still require four referees. Please nominate another EM consultant as your fourth referee). 

Please let your referee know that they have been nominated and to expect an email from ACEM with instructions about how to complete the reference. 

For further information regarding Selection into FACEM Training, please contact the ACEM Training Team on 03 9320 0444, or visit our website at