Doctors and medical students’ ‒ ten reasons why you need a GP

11 May 2018

Dr Roger Sexton discusses why it’s important for all doctors and students to have their own GP of choice in an article in the latest edition of Australian Medicine.

“The choices available to doctors seeking medical care for themselves include the formal option of a consultation with their doctor in the correct clinical setting. They may opt for informal care from a colleague in the corridor or self-medication and self-investigation. Thirdly, a doctor may use a combination of both. This ‘blended’ care option is in my experience very widely practised by doctors who prefer this to avoid the inconvenience of a formal appointment, the potential for illness disclosure, the erosion of privacy and having to endure the ‘waiting room experience’, “ says Dr Sexton.

“GPs are confidential and understand the importance of confidential advice to the medical profession. Your GP is interested in you as a person and understands what it takes to be a sustainable and successful medical professional.”

Doctors and medical students can also access independent, confidential, doctors’ health advisory services in all states/territories. While the Medical Board of Australia provides funding for these services, they operate at arm’s length from the MBA with the AMA’s subsidiary company, Doctors Health Services Pty Ltd responsible for the coordination of these services.

The contact details for each service are available at 

Read Dr Sexton’s full article in Australian Medicine