2018 AMA National Conference to debate key DiT issues

11 May 2018

Among a range of issues, attendees will debate two policy topics specifcally put forward by the AMA Council of Doctors in Training (AMACDT) at this year’s AMA National Conference being:

  • Do we need to take a stronger stand to stop discrimination in recruitment, employment and flexible work practices?
  • Is prevocational research worth the (CV) paper it’s written on?

In addition, the AMACDT has jointly sponsored, with the AMA Council of Rural Doctors, the following policy debate:

  • Should we be quarantining training places for Rural Medical Generalists?

“These topics represent key issues for doctors in training and in the development of relevant and robust medical workforce and training policy. We are looking forward to discussing these at conference and to a debate that will allow us to advocate strongly on these issues on behalf of doctors in training in 2018,” said Dr John Zorbas, outgoing Chair of AMACDT.

In response to the comments of delegates in previous years, and in the interests of making National Conference a forum for debate on issues of relevance to AMA members, in 2018 a new format will be introduced on day two of the Conference with debate on policy resolutions that have been put forward by Councils and Committees of Federal Council, and State AMA Councils.

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