StandBy – Support After Suicide releases new resources

11 Apr 2018

StandBy – Support After Suicide has a new dedicated website with a range of resources, providing a greater online presence for Australia's largest suicide postvention program.

Suicide has a wide range of impact. For every Australian that takes their own life, more than 100 Australians are impacted meaning 250,000 Australians are closely impacted each year. CEO Christopher John highlighted the devastating impact suicide can have and the importance of postvention support for those left behind.

“Losing someone to suicide has a devastating impact on family members and friends, and can extend into the workplace, school or social group. We know those affected can face challenges connecting to those around them and are at an increased risk of mental health concerns and suicide themselves, but with appropriate and timely assistance StandBy can help them navigate support and manage their grief,” said Mr John.

The website includes a set of comprehensive resources assisting those looking for self-help or to support someone they may know bereaved by suicide, including a series of Support Pack information sheets, suggested reading and links to other relevant support services.

For more information visit the StandBy Support website or call 07 5442 4277.

The AMA recently released the Position Statement on Mental Health 2018 – read it here.

Doctors and medical students can also access independent, confidential, doctors’ health advisory services in all states/territories. While the Medical Board of Australia provides funding for these services, they operate at arm’s length from the MBA with the AMA’s subsidiary company, Doctors Health Services Pty Ltd responsible for the coordination of these services.

The contact details for each service are available at