National Training Survey advisory groups underway

11 Apr 2018

After six years of advocacy, the AMA is pleased to advise that work towards a national training survey (NTS) is finally underway. Led by the Medical Board of Australia, the AMA has representatives on both the NTS steering committee and advisory group which will oversee the development and implementation of a NTS.

“The AMA is looks forward to working with the MBA and other stakeholders to progress this important project” said Dr John Zorbas, Chair of AMA Council of Doctors in Training and representative on the NTS advisory group.

“A NTS will streamline existing survey processes, provide more timely and comprehensive data to inform workforce and medical education and training policy and planning, and importantly can be used to evaluate the impact of policy change. It will also provide a measure of the quality of the medical education and training experience from which to establish innovative and best practice moving forward.”

A similar survey is run in the UK and provides meaningful data to track progress and inform change in medical education and training. The UK national training survey occurs annually, with a take-up rate of close to 100%. It publishes trainee evaluation of training terms from foundation through to vocational training and is available online.

General Medical Council National Training Survey