AMA Council of Doctors in Training meet to discuss the training pathway

9 Mar 2018

More than 30 doctors in training, Trainee Committee Chairs and representatives attended the AMA Council of Doctors in Training meeting on 4 March 2018, which followed the AMA Medical Workforce and Training Summit.

The key issues impacting on the work and training environment across the training pathway and across specialties were discussed as part of the Trainee soapbox. The fallout from the RACP examination process was a significant area of concern for trainees. The need for consistent guidelines across training programs about examination format and conduct emerged as a key area for action by AMACDT. Another key area for action was crisis planning and support for those RACP trainees post exam result and the AMACDT committed to ongoing discussion with the RACP and doctors’ health advisory services to plan for this.

Medical workforce was a key topic for discussion, with the AMACDT reinforcing the need for additional prevocational and vocational training places, which were key areas in this years Federal Budget Submission

Ms Jaelea Skehan, Director, Everymind, also attended the meeting to discuss progress to date on the development of a National Framework on Tackling Mental Ill health in Medical Students and Doctors.

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