What should you do if your pay slip is incorrect?

9 Feb 2018

Read Australian Medicine to catch AMACDT Chair, Dr John Zorbas, talk about wage theft and overtime, and the significant effects that they have on patients and doctors alike.

“Every fortnight, tens of thousands of doctors-in-training have the work that they’ve done processed into government payment systems. And every fortnight, tens of thousands of dollars and hours go missing,” said Dr Zorbas.

“Dollars are a surrogate marker for time, and in our vocation we know that time is more valuable than almost anything in this world. Every hour of your life should be an hour worked and paid, or an hour not worked and not paid; it’s not rocket surgery.”

So what should you do if your pay slip doesn’t add up?

“Next time somebody steals from you, stand up and make yourself heard. If your problem isn’t resolved, call the AMA, advised Dr Zorbas. “If you employ doctors-in-training, take a look at the processes you have around overtime and staffing. If you are a board member for a health service, audit the real hours that your doctors-in-training are working, so that you can appreciate the quantum of the silent risks that your company or service is being exposed to.”

Read Dr Zorbas’s article ‘Wage Theft’ Australian Medicine