AMA urges Western Australian mandatory reporting model

10 Oct 2017

The AMA has urged COAG Health Ministers to adopt the Western Australian model of mandatory reporting provisions for doctors seeking treatment for mental health and stress-related conditions.

A consultation paper released by the COAG Health Council proposes four options, including adopting the WA model that exempts treating practitioners from mandatory reporting requirements.

The AMA submission to the consultation process recommends adopting that option.

“The AMA’s view is clear. We need a model that addresses the issues currently stopping doctors from seeking the treatment they need,” AMA President, Dr Michael Gannon, said.

“We need a model that we know for certain will work, while still protecting patients. We need a model that can be adopted nationally.

“The AMA believes the current model in WA is the right one. It is a proven model. It has not led to a reduction in mandatory notifications, but has allowed doctors the confidence to seek the help they need.”

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