The ultimate guide to Medical Services and Fees – 1 May 2017 changes

3 May 2017

The 1 November 2016 AMA List of Medical Services and Fees (AMA List) has been updated to reflect the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) 1 May 2017 changes. The update includes MBS changes which have occurred since 1 November.

If you are starting out in private practice or will have rights to private practice in 2017, then access to the AMA List is essential.

The AMA List is a valuable tool in helping you work out your fees for your services. If you are a member you can download the AMA List, access the Fees Indexation Calculator or view the AMA Fees List Online .

Members who do not currently have a username and password should email their name, address and AMA membership number to to request a username and password.

AMA List

Fees Indexation Calculator

AMA Fees List Online .