Doctor mental health and wellbeing under the spotlight at AMA National Conference

3 May 2017

The AMA Council of Doctors in Training is a facilitating a session at AMA National Conference in Melbourne on Saturday 27 May 2017 from 10:10-11:30am to discuss current initiatives to improve doctor health and wellbeing and what other strategies we should pursue to improve doctor health and wellbeing moving forward.

The health and welfare of doctors continues to be a priority for the AMA as many doctors and medical students continue to experience high levels of stress and distress in their workplace.

The tragic suicides of a number of doctors in training earlier this year have highlighted the importance of supporting doctors and medical students who are feeling stressed and burnt out and/or have a mental illness, and more specifically, developing and implementing strategies and initiatives to reduce the risk of suicide in the profession through early intervention and appropriate support mechanisms.

Research into suicidal behaviours has been conducted for decades with doctors being the subject of much research in this area. While research in this area is difficult with issues relating to the quality and volume of data, what is evident is that suicidal behaviours result from a complex interaction between personal, occupational and systemic factors. And despite the risk factors being known, this has not translated into widespread implementation of prevention or management strategies.

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Doctors' Health and Wellbeing Policy session, AMA National Conference

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