The AMA Leadership Development Dinner is almost here – have you got your ticket?

3 May 2017

Get a group of colleagues together and join us for dinner to listen to Dr Bronwyn King talk about how what inspired her to convince many major global investment funds to divest their tobacco holdings at the AMA Leadership Development Dinner on Friday 26 May 2017 and Eureka 89 in Melbourne.

Dr King is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tobacco Free Portfolios.  She is also the Project Manager for the Global Task Force for Tobacco Free Portfolios, which leads a global coalition of like-minded individuals and organisations from government, business and health sectors to encourage sovereign wealth funds and pension funds to go tobacco-free. A Radiation Oncologist, Dr King has led the charge to persuade superannuation funds to divest tobacco companies from their portfolios with over $1.8 billion tobacco stock divested.

Enjoy fine food and wine with breathtaking floor to ceiling views across metropolitan Melbourne at Eureka 89 as Dr King shares her insights into leadership and advocacy. So don’t miss out! Book your tickets today!

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