Doctors’ health and wellbeing to take centre stage at AMA National Conference 2017

6 Apr 2017

The tragic suicides of a number of doctors in training in recent months has prompted the AMA to examine how we can better support doctors and medical students who are feeling stressed and burnt out and/or have a mental illness at a dedicated policy session at the 2017 AMA National Conference in Melbourne from 26-28 May 2017.

The AMA Council of Doctors in Training policy session at AMA National Conference 2017 will examine current and emerging issues related to doctors’ health and wellbeing, discuss current initiatives to promote doctors’ health and wellbeing, and identify further strategies and mechanisms to improve access to early intervention and appropriate support mechanisms to improve doctor health and wellbeing.

To contribute to this discussion and influence the direction of AMA advocacy in this area, register now for Conference.

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