AMACDT reviews policy on prevocational medical education and training

6 Apr 2017

The AMACDT has revised the AMA  Position Statement on Prevocational medical education and training to take into account the views expressed by the AMA over the past two years throughout a number of consultations. This includes the:

  • Review of medical internships (2015 - AHMAC),
  • Implementation of the national registration standard and training framework for internship (2014-2015  -MBA and AMC), and
  • Feasibility of community based intern training programs (2014 – University of Melbourne).

“The revised position statement acknowledges that prevocational doctors may choose to self-stream into a vocation post-internship and reiterates the value of a community term in the early prevocational years.” Said Dr John Zorbas, Chair, AMACDT.

“An emphasis on the importance of a generalist approach to prevocational learning, an imperative to maintain core terms in emergency medical care, surgery and medicine, and support for an internship period of 47 weeks full time equivalent experience remains unchanged.”

It has also been restructured to emphasise the importance of high quality learning and assessment, and welfare and support.

Read AMA Position Statement on Prevocational medical education and training – 2017