Join the 100s of DiTs who have completed the 2016 AMA Safe Hours Audit

9 Nov 2016

More than 300 doctors have already completed the 2016 AMA Safe Hours Audit, which was launched on 30 October by the AMACDT Chair, Dr John Zorbas and the AMA President, Dr Michael Gannon.  

The AMACDT is strongly encouraging doctors in training to be part of the Audit, which is a critical part of the AMA Safe Hours Campaign that aims to tackle the risks of fatigue in the medical workforce.

Taking only 10 minutes to complete, the 2016 Safe Hours Audit will provide valuable information as to the current workloads of  doctors in training, including GP registrars.

Anyone who completes the Audit will be able to access an instant risk assessment report, giving an analysis of the fatigue risks of their roster.  

Participants will have until 7 December 2016 to complete the audit and will need to be prepared with details of their actual working, non-working and sleeping hours for the week of 31 October to 6 November 2016. 

Participants will also need to have on hand the hours they worked in the previous week, as well as their roster for the week following the audit period. All iInformation provided will be reported in an aggregated fashion and information about individuals will not be published. 

Complete your audit today here.