Australia needs to see a stable Government and good health policy

13 Jul 2016

In the wake of the Federal Election, AMA President, Dr Michael Gannon, has said that Australia needs to see a stable Government emerge if meaningful health reform is to be achieved. He added that the clear message from the election was that health policy was a vote changer, and that Australians want a strong Medicare and a health system that promotes quality primary care, supports general practice, and properly funds public hospitals.

“The AMA campaigned strongly on lifting the Medicare rebate freeze, funding public hospitals, and reversing cuts to pathology and diagnostic imaging incentives. Grassroots doctors across the country shared their concerns with their patients. Local family doctors had genuine fears about the livelihoods of their practices,” Dr Gannon said.

He said the AMA believes that people who voted because of health policy were influenced by credible information from trusted doctors and other health professionals who campaigned against the Medicare freeze.

“The AMA stands ready to work cooperatively with the new Government on the development and delivery of health policies that will best serve the needs of the Australian people.

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