AMA welcomes new Chair of AMACDT

9 Jun 2016

Dr John Zorbas has started his term as the Chair of the AMA Council of Doctors in Training. His appointment is for a two year term from 29 May 2016. Dr Zorbas takes over from Dr Danika Thiemt. Dr Zorbas praised the tireless work of Dr Thiemt as Chair of AMACDT and her outstanding commitment to improve the education and training environment for doctors in training.

"Danika has been a truly inspirational leader for CDT over these last two years and has leaves extremely big shoes for me to fill. Specifically, Danika’s leadership on issues such as bullying and harassment, gender equity in medicine and on workforce reform have made the profession all the better for having had her lead its doctors in training. My sincerest thanks to Danika for not only her dedication and commitment to CDT, but also for positioning CDT for great things to come."

“The AMACDT represents doctors in training at all stages of training, across all specialties, in all parts of the country”, said Dr Zorbas. “In 2016 your AMACDT will be advocating for:

  • Diversity in medicine and training, with a particular focus on supporting indigenous doctors
  • Transparency and procedural fairness in examination, assessment and grievance processes
  • Workforce planning, distribution and security of employment

Dr Zorbas is looking forward to building on the work of his predecessor, Dr Thiemt, to improve the professional and personal lives of doctors in training throughout all stages of their careers.

Contact Dr Zorbas at to discuss current and/or emerging issues in medical education and training issues that are impacting on your speciality/stage of training.