AMA proposes stronger support and standards for International Medical Graduates

10 Dec 2015

The AMA has released its new AMA Position Statement on International Medical Graduates 2015, which replaces the AMA Position Statement on Overseas Trained Doctors 2004. The new Position Statement sets out the AMA’s policy on IMGs, particularly those IMGs who are yet to establish themselves in the Australian medical workforce, and recommends priorities for recruiting, assessing, training, and supporting IMGs. It also emphasises the need to better support IMGs in their professional careers, as well as the need to help them and their families gain access to community services such as health and education.

“With growing numbers of domestic medical graduates, Australia will, over time, be able to reduce its reliance on IMGs”, said AMA Vice President Dr Stephen Parnis. “In the meantime, we must properly support and recognise the valuable contributions that IMGs and their families make to local communities around Australia.”

“As Australia’s reliance on IMGs lessens, governments must fund adequate numbers of training positions for local graduates so that we can become more self-sufficient, and ensure that local graduates can work in the communities and specialties where they are needed.”

AMA Position Statement on International Medical Graduates