AMA on the front foot in responding to Medical Intern Review

10 Dec 2015

In the wake of the release of the intern review the AMA has written to the Chair of the Standing Council on Health calling for a doctor in training representative to be appointed to the working group.

“A doctor in training viewpoint is essential to the credibility and success of any further work to progress the review and will bring an important perspective from the coalface as options for implementation are considered” said Dr Danika Thiemt, Chair, AMACDT. “We would be more than happy to assist in finding a doctor in training with the requisite skill set and experience to contribute effectively to the review,” she said.

Meanwhile the AMA has also written to the Health Minister Sussan Ley urging the Commonwealth to reconsider its decision to discontinue funding for the Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Council (CPMEC), particularly given the recommendation arising from the COAG Review of the Medical Internship (the Review) for the PGY 1 and 2 years to move to an integrated, two-year transition to practice model.

“The implementation of this and other recommendations arising from the Review will require collaboration between the state and territory based post-graduate medical education councils, and the CPMEC is the most appropriate forum for this to happen,” said Dr Thiemt. “The CPMEC has played a valuable role in coordinating and supporting prevocational medical education and training across jurisdictions to provide quality and safety in medical training and patient care. If CPMEC is disbanded, it will prove more difficult to implement sensible reforms that support the quality of prevocational training and it is likely that the process will end up being much less efficient,” she said.

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