AMA supports one ROS obligation for all BMP graduates

7 Sep 2015

The AMA is calling for the 12 month return of service (ROS) obligation for future Bonded Medical Place (BMP) participants to be extended to existing BMP doctors and medical students. Evidence suggests that the long term retention rates of bonded doctors in areas of workforce shortage areas is poor. What does make a difference is a positive undergraduate experience in a regional and rural area and supported opportunities to continue prevocational and vocational training in regional and rural areas moving forward.  We know that reductions in ROS obligations have been offered to BMP participants in the past, and this latest reduction should be offered to all existing BMP participants. 

Workforce planning must focus on developing a vertically integrated rural training pathway for medicine. The AMA has a number of policies that speak to a vertically integrated training pathway in rural areas. These are: 

AMA Community Residency Program, encouraging exposure to rural and general practice in PGY1 and 2.

AMA Position Statement on Regional Training Networks to allow vocational trainees remain in regional centres to train.