AMA advocacy on the medical internship continues

7 Sep 2015

The AMA has made two submissions to the COAG review of medical internship, the first in response to a discussion paper and the second in response to a subsequent options paper. In relation to the latter, the Review put forward four options for change that range from minimal alterations to more fundamental changes including a two year model of internship. The AMA does not believe there is enough evidence to show that the current model of internship in Australia is ‘broken’ or to support radical changes to the structure of the internship. We understand the Reviewers have prepared a report and that this will now make its way through the inter-governmental processes. The AMA will continue to advocate for incremental, evidence-based change to the current model of internship focusing on improving supervision and assessment and better use of community settings.

Links to the AMA submissions and other background material are detailed below.

Most recent AMA press release

AMA response to the COAG Review Options paper 

The COAG Review Options Paper 

AMA's original submission