What do you think about changes to the Bonded Medical Place Scheme?

3 Aug 2015

Did you know that changes are afoot to the Bonded Medical Place (BMP) Scheme? The return of service obligation (ROS) for new applicants for 2016 has been reduced to 12 months. However, if you are an existing BMP medical student or doctor your original return of service obligation still holds. Other initiatives in support of BMP students and doctors have already been scrapped such as the Bonded Support Program. Currently only 1 in 10 BMP doctors are choosing to complete their ROS obligations, which is something that AMA warned the Government would happen when it first announced the BMP Scheme. If you are currently a BMP student or graduate, tell us what you think about the changes to the BMP Scheme by emailing us at dit@ama.com.au. We are particularly interested to know whether or not you intend completing your ROS and, if not, would a shorter ROS encourage you to do so.

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