AMA National Conference Delegates Condemn New Medical School

9 Jun 2015

Delegates to the AMA National Conference 2015 in Brisbane were united in their call for the Federal Government to reconsider its decision to fund a new medical school at Curtin University in WA.

“The AMA recognises that many graduating medical students and junior doctors around Australia are currently unable to find quality training positions due to a lack of available places. This decision fails to acknowledge that there is already evidence that some medical graduates will be unable to progress to full specialist qualification. This decision will only make this problem much worse”

The motion calls on the AMA Federal Council to:

  • continue to strongly advocate for the commitment to a new medical school to be reconsidered;
  • call for State and Federal Governments to collaborate to ensure robust health workforce planning through the National Medical Training Advisory Network so that medical workforce numbers are matched to community need; and
  • requests that the Health Minister seeks the advice of the National Medical Training Advisory Network, as well as the AMA, AMSA, State health departments and the Department of Health as part of any process to consider any further increase in medical student numbers.

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