How would you rate Social Determinants of Health teaching?

11 May 2015

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is interested to hear Junior Doctor experiences of Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) teaching in medical curricula. The survey below takes 10 minutes to complete and will help them direct the focus of their work on medical education. This follows on from World Medical Association’s (WMA) recent Global Symposium on the Role of Physicians in Addressing Social Determinants of Health, where Sir Michael Marmot, President-Elect of the WMA stated in his keynote address: "The social gradient that determines health exerts its influence from birth." WMA's policy on SDOH that "Doctors should be well informed participants in this debate...The medical profession can be advocates for action on those social conditions that have important effects on health." 

WHO Survey on the Social Determinants of Health in Medical Education: (

WMA Statement on Social Determinants of Health. (2011) (