Your chance to inform the policy debate

9 Apr 2015

As I have progressed through my medical training, I am constantly struck with how much is changing in the medical world around me.   The medical training system that I graduated into is vastly different to that of my supervisors and even to the one that our recent interns joined on their graduation.  Our General Practitioner colleagues are facing major changes in their training and funding arrangements and much is still left undecided as this goes to print.  The very core of our health system is threatened with changes to Medicare and health funding lingering and with this chaos, the AMA needs it’s members more than ever.  

The 2015 AMA National Conference provides a platform for Australia’s leading doctors to share their ideas on the way ahead for Australia’s health system in the midst of this changing landscape. The theme Medicare: midlife crisis? aims to explore what we have right and what we need to change.  It will be held in Brisbane on 29-31 May at The Hilton Hotel and is set to be an inspiring weekend. 

Our policy sessions this year will explore the constants around us; the core areas and ideals that underpin the medical profession and the health system. These include Funding quality general practice; Quality public hospital services: funding capacity for performance; and Stewardship and the Doctors Role.

The DiT policy session this year will be focused on General Practice Training – the future is in our hands. This session will explore the impact of the abolition of GPET, the creation of new GP training boundaries, expansion of GP training places and proposals for governance arrangements with a view to making some clear recommendations about GP training and governance.

We are honoured to have former Prime Minister, the Hon Julia Gillard, as Guest Speaker for the Leadership Development Dinner and look forward to her address the Doctors in Training about her experience and definition of leadership.

There will also be major award presentations including the Dirty Ashtray Award, the Indigenous People’s Medical Scholarship, MJA/MDA Excellence in Medical Research Award, and the AMA Gold Medal. The social side is catered for with the President’s Welcome Reception and the Gala Dinner.

Our Conference is not just for Elected Officers and delegates. While they take care of the business and governance side of things, we need your voices to inform the policy debate and steer a course for the AMA. Our members are our strength. Help the AMA continue as the peak health organisation in the country.

Register to attend the AMA National Conference at the Hilton Hotel, Brisbane, 29-31 May 2015.

See the full program here

Until next time,

Dr Danika Thiemt

Chair, AMA CDT