Call for action on prevocational employment

9 Apr 2015
The AMA Council of Doctors in Training (AMACDT) has developed policy to inform a better coordinated RMO application and offer process at a national level. “Current processes are uncoordinated and chaotic from an applicant and employer perspective,” said Dr Danika Thiemt, Chair, AMACDT. “Poorly coordinated recruitment processes for this cohort of doctors in training represents a significant inefficiency for jurisdictions from both a financial and service delivery perspective.”
The AMA is calling for national leadership to introduce common standards for governance, coordination, timing and conduct of application, selection and appointment processes for prevocational positions, similar to that which already occurs for selection into the internship year.
“We have a process in place for interns. If we are serious about medical workforce planning it’s time to invest some resources downstream to make sure we not only have sufficient numbers of resident and registrar positions, but an efficient system that matches postions with service need.”