AMA backs current model of internship

9 Apr 2015

The AMA has made a submission to the AHMAC Review of medical internship supporting the continuation of the intern year in its current form. “The current model of internship is valued as a well-rounded, generalist, supervised and protected introduction to medicine which enables junior doctors to develop their medical skills and professionalism without having to focus on the demands of independent practice. It also enables junior doctors to learn about how the health system functions and how to navigate the public health system while being supervised and supported,” said Dr Danika Thiemt, Chair, AMA Council of Doctors in Training.

“Our doctor in training members have expressed unanimous support for the current model of internship and we feel strongly that this should be respected. Rather than asking what needs to change, we would suggest the question should be why it should change. The current model of medical education and training in Australia produces doctors who are renowned worldwide for their high standards in clinical skills and professionalism."

Read the AMA’s submission here.