AMA (WA) Part-time Portal helping junior doctors

10 Feb 2015

The AMA (WA) Doctors in Training Committee has developed a part time doctor portal to help junior doctors in WA access flexible working arrangements. Being able to access flexible working arrangement is a key issue affecting junior doctors. Doctors seeking a part-time position are often asked to pair themselves up with another junior doctor in order to secure part-time employment in the form of a shared job arrangement. 

The Committee has developed a Part Time Portal to help with this process. Restricted for Doctor in Training Members only, the portal provides a space for junior doctors to share information with one another and to search for potential ‘part-time partners’. 

AMA (WA) is continuing to advocate for greater access to flexible work arrangements for all junior doctors in Western Australia, but in the meantime the Committee hopes that this Portal will assist members in obtaining a position. 

AMA (WA) Part-time Doctor Portal (