Update on the Bonded Medical Program

6 Sep 2021

The Department of Health has posted the ‘August 2021: Update on the Bonded Medical Program’ on its website.

The update provides information on:

       The Department’s progress

       How individuals can help determine eligible RoSO count

       Information for participants seeking to opt in

       More flexibility for participants of bonded programs

       Program information webinars

       Support from Rural Workforce Agencies

       The new email arrangements

This, and earlier updates – together with the FAQs and Webinar presentation slides – are a valuable source of information to answer questions you may have.

Need to contact the Department about the Program?

The Department has now moved to a single mailbox entry point for all ‘bonded’ enquiries.

If you have further questions, email BondedMedicalProgram@health.gov.au using the subject: ‘[Scheme/Program] – [Your Name] – [Request]’

This will help them to manage your request and for the Department to respond quickly.

For more information on contacting the Department please refer to https://www1.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/reformed-bonded-programs