AMA South Australia Doctors in Training Committee

2 Aug 2021

We have a new AMA SA Doctors in Training Committee!

We have already started advocating for more sustainability within AMA SA, to connect more DiT organisations in SA and supporting interns! Always keen to hear about what is important to you at ! 

Dr Ekta Paw - Chair 

Dr Hayden Cain - Deputy Chair 

Dr Tom Gransbury - Deputy Chair 

Dr Victoria Langton - CALHN Representative 

Dr Matilda Smale - SALHN Representative 

Dr Alisha Evans - NALHN Representative 

Dr Asha Thalisha Bala Krishnan - WCH Representative 

Dr Annie Fraser - Country/Rural Representative 

Dr Joel Wren - GP Representative 

Dr Georgia Smithson-Tomas – Intern Representative 

Dr Pamela Gebrehiwot – Intern Representative 

Dr Jade Pisianiello – Intern Representative 

Dr Rahul Malhotra - Communications Officer 

Dr Hannah Szewczyk - Past Chair 

Dr Samantha Jolly 

Dr Sean Jolly 

Dr Jarrad Hopkins 

Dr Bethany Ferguson 

Dr Mekha John 

Dr Garry Singh 

Mr Emerson Krstic - Flinders Medical Students’ Society [FMSS] 

Ms Shehani Gunasekera - Adelaide Medical Students’ Society [AMSS] 

Thanks to Catherine Waite as Secretariat. 

If you would like to find out more or get involved, please contact