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What does CPD stand for?

"Continuing professional development (CPD) is how health practitioners maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, and develop the personal and professional qualities required throughout their professional lives.

Health practitioners who are engaged in any form of practice are required to participate regularly in CPD that is relevant to their scope of practice in order to maintain, develop, update and enhance their knowledge, skills and performance to help them deliver appropriate and safe care."

ReferenceAHPRA website, 2021

I am not vocationally registered or training in a specialty. Can I use the CPD Tracker?

Absolutely. Please ensure Medical Board of Australia – CPD is selected in My Learning Profile, so you track your CPD activities against the MBA’s requirements.

You can print or download your CPD report at the end of the reporting cycle should you need to demonstrate your CPD activities to the Medical Board of Australia (MBA). The format of the report meets the MBA CPD reporting requirements.

How do I access the AMA CPD Tracker for FREE?

If you are an AMA Member, just login using your Federal AMA account email and password. Not sure what this is? Contact the Federal AMA Member Services team by emailing:

If you are a non-AMA Member medical practitioner, just sign-up to the AMA CPD Tracker and create your FREE subscriber login for free access to the CPD Tracker.

Please note, if you are an AMA Member and you sign-up to to use the CPD Tracker as a non-member, the system will lock you out.

What do I need to do when I login for the first time?

Before you can commence learning or tracking, you need to create your My Learning Profile.

How do I add the MBA or my specialty college to My Learning Profile?

Select My Profession and save as Medical Practitioner. This ensures the MBA and specialty colleges are available to select for tracking your CPD relevant to your scope of practice. Under My Medical Colleges, click the drop-down arrow. 

  1. Select your 'college' from the drop-down list
  2. Click Add college
  3. Scroll down the page and click Save.

You can add the MBA and/or as many specialty colleges as you like to your CPD Tracker one at a time. My Dashboard will reflect your CPD progress against each as you upload your CPD learning evidence to your nominated CPD rule.

I accidentally listed the wrong college on my learning profile. How can I correct this?

You can edit the medical colleges in My Learning Profile at any time. To remove incorrectly selected colleges, follow these steps.

  1. Click My Learning Profile
  2. Next to the college you wish to remove select the Delete option. A pop-up message will ask you to confirm
  3. Click Confirm.

Your incorrectly added college has now been removed. However, any record of completed learning tracked to the incorrect college will be deleted. Please contact for assistance BEFORE deleting a college if you are unsure.

I want to keep an annual record of the number of hours that I engage in learning. Can the CPD Tracker assist me?

When setting up My Learning Profile, if your specialty college only tracks CPD points, be sure to save the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) as another specialty college. Adding the MBA to your profile will enable you to view a report detailing the number of hours logged for each learning activity you record against the MBA rules. You can then view the MBA achievements in My Dashboard to keep track of your CPD activity hours.

Please note, you can add the MBA to My Learning Profile anytime, but it will not log completed hours of learning retrospectively.

When completing My Learning Profile, what do I enter in the rest of the fields?

Firstly, you need to add your Career Stage and AHPRA MED: number. While the remaining fields in My Learning Profile are not mandatory, where your college requires a report with your membership number, it can be useful to add this information. It will assist your college to process your CPD record. Where a college has a multi-year cycle based on a membership date, it can also be useful to add this information.

You can also enter up to three Learning Focus topics following completion of your CPD Plan and update these at any time. 

I’ve accidentally deleted My Learning Profile. What should I do?

Don’t worry, we can help. Please contact us by emailing: for assistance.

How do I upload evidence of my CPD activities?

To upload evidence of an external learning activity within a nominated reporting period (e.g. a Certificate of Attendance from an event) click My CPD Reports then the +Upload Activity button.

Choose the Current or Previous reporting period (if available). To reveal all activity types for your 'college', expand the menu by clicking on the arrow next to the 'college' name. Complete the fields indicated as mandatory.

You will be asked to choose a file for upload – this is where you can upload evidence of learning such as a Certificate of Attendance. After upload, click Save. This evidence will now be collated into your CPD report and reflected in your odometer located on My Dashboard. Please note, you can only upload .JPG and .PDF files as evidence of learning, and multiple files can be uploaded to each activity.

Can I upload completed learning records from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can. Just follow the same easy steps for: How do I upload evidence of my CPD activities?

I’m trying to upload some evidence to my activity record, but it’s not appearing. What should I do?

You can only upload .PDF documents and .JPG image files. Modifiable documents including Microsoft Word or TXT files are unable to be uploaded as evidence. There are many freeware programs that will allow you to convert documents into PDF prior to uploading them.

How do I view my CPD achievements within a reporting period?

You can quickly view your achievements within a reporting period.

  1. Click My Dashboard
  2. Click the View Achievements button under the Mandatory Activity Summary odometer
  3. Select the Cycle Period then Search if more than one cycle is available
  4. Scroll down the page to see what CPD requirements you have addressed and others that you may still need to focus on.

If you think an activity that you have completed that addresses a CPD requirements, click Log Another Activity. You can save your activity and upload the evidence at a later time if you don't have it at hand. 

How can I view My CPD Report?

You can create reports that collate your recorded learning activities and evidence, by clicking on My CPD Reports in the menu. Click View Report next to the report you wish to access. At the bottom of the report, simply click Print to print your report and evidence, or click Download Report for your report and evidence to be stored as a ZIP file for your convenience.

Does the CPD Tracker automatically report to the MBA or my specialty college at the end of the reporting period?

No. This is your responsibility as an Australian registered medical practitioner.

Is the CPD report in the right format for an audit?

The CPD Tracker automatically collates your CPD points or hours and learning evidence (e.g. Certificate of Completion) for your convenience in the CPD report template. You can use these reports for reporting to your specialty college(s) or to AHPRA on behalf of the Medical Board of Australia (MBA). The CPD reports are formatted to meet your reporting obligations.

Who is responsible for managing my CPD if I use the CPD Tracker?

Every Australian medical practitioner is individually responsible for undertaking and managing their own continuing professional development (CPD). The CPD Tracker makes it easy to manage your ongoing reporting obligations.

By using the CPD Tracker you agree that it is intended to be used for support and guidance only, but is not responsible for your CPD or reporting obligations. Click to view our User Terms.

Does the CPD Tracker print a ‘Certificate of Compliance’?

If you are using the CPD Tracker, it will print a summary report detailing your complete CPD record listed against your specialty college or Medical Board of Australia (MBA) requirements, which you can submit to your college, or directly to AHPRA. The report can either be printed with all evidence attached, or it can be downloaded as a .ZIP file that will contain all individual files, including the summary report of your activities.

To access the reporting functions, please select My CPD Reports from the menu, then View Reports. The print or download options are available at the bottom of your summary report page.


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