UQ trial cancellation disappointing but not the end of the road

11 Dec 2020

The joint decision by the Federal Government and the University of Queensland to cancel further work on the UQ-CSL COVID-19 vaccine is a setback, but not a failure, Dr Moy said this week. 

The decision to cancel the project was announced early on Friday morning. Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Health Minister Greg Hunt held a press conference at 8am to thank the UQ researchers for their efforts, and announce that the Government had secured a further 21 million doses from other trials. 

Dr Moy said the cancellation showed that the system was working. 

“What people are watching for the first time is what normally happens [in vaccine development], that you are going through Phase 1, 2, 3 trials,” he told Sky News. 

“What you are seeing is the way that the trialling and safety checks of medications and immunisations happens. This is the system working.”