Report from the Diagnostic Imaging Clinical Committee – Breast Imaging (Now Closed)

4 Oct 2018

Items reviewed

Total of 39 items reviewed:

  • 32 Breast imaging (ultrasound, x-ray, MRI) items
  • 7 Breast biopsy items


Proposed item changes:

  • 5 items should be deleted

  • 3 new items should be created

  • 4 items should be amended

  • 13 items should remain unchanged

  • 2 items should be referred to the MSAC Executive for their consideration

Report recommendations:

The clinical committee report made a total of 9 recommendations, and are listed as follows:

Breast ultrasound

Recommendation 1: Create an ultrasound-guided breast biopsy item.


Recommendation 2: Amend the clinical indications in the item descriptor for bilateral mammography item 59300 to encourage appropriate use of BreastScreen services.

Recommendation 3: Create a new bilateral mammography item with an increased fee to encourage uptake of digital radiography mammography.

Recommendation 4: Delete mammary ductogram items 59306 and 59309 from the MBS.

Breast MRI

Recommendation 5: Amend the item descriptor for breast MRI item 63464 and refer

proposed changes to the Medical Services Advisory Committee Executive for consideration.

Breast biopsy

Recommendation 6: Delete bore-enbloc stereotactic biopsy breast biopsy items 31539,31542 and 31545 from the MBS.

Recommendation 7: Create an explanatory note for breast biopsy items 31533 and 31548 to encourage use of mechanical breast biopsy over FNA, except in exceptional clinical circumstances.

Recommendation 8: Create a new item and explanatory note for the insertion of a breast biopsy localisation marker clip and refer the proposed item to the Medical Services Advisory Committee for consideration.

Recommendation 9: Increase the fee for mechanical breast biopsy item 31548.