Radioactive waste storage on the agenda 

13 Nov 2020

Dr Moy made his first visit to Federal Parliament as Vice President this week as borders reopened between South Australia and the ACT. 

He attended a forum on the future of nuclear medicine and its by-products, hosted by Resources Minister Keith Pitt and coalition backbencher, Dr David Gillespie. 

Radioactive waste generated from nuclear medicine is currently held in more than 100 locations around Australia, including hospital basements, and the Government is considering establishing a national radioactive waste management facility. 

“The word radioactivity scares people, but this is radioactivity which saves lives,” Dr Moy said. 

“Nuclear medicine is used in essential diagnostic testing and treatment of conditions such as cancer, and two in three Australians will need this at some time in their life. 

“Without storage, we will be unable to create and develop these critical products. We are out of time. 

“This is an urgent health issue for the community now and for our children into the future.”