Proposed national framework for intern training accreditation

28 Feb 2013

The AMA supports the work that the Australian Medical Council (AMC) has been doing to develop national accreditation standards for intern training.  Overall, the AMA believes that the proposed framework will preserve the traditional elements of internship, such as work based training and core rotations, while also allowing for flexibility, innovation and contextualisation of training.

The AMA submission recommends that:

  • the framework must provide for a streamlined national intern accreditation process, with sufficient flexibility to accommodate innovative models of training;
  • the framework must allow for contextualisation of site accreditation processes;
  • clarification is required regarding the option for Postgraduate medical councils to accredit at a post level;
  • references to the Austrailan Curriculum Framework for Junior Doctors should be strengthened;
  • the progression rules under the proposed assessment framework are impractical;
  • term rotation guidelines are supported, particularly in relation to the emergency medical care rotation; and
  • the rotation guidelines and assessment framework should be easily found and appropriately referenced.