Position Statement

Medical parents and prevocational and vocational training

Periods of pregnancy and parenthood are a common source of gender-based bias and discrimination. While there are some biologically imperative gender differences, gender inequity arises when these interact with medical workforce and training models that were designed for people to work long hours with few responsibilities in the home. 

Within medicine, policies to support parental leave at an employer and college level are highly variable, and there remains an entrenched culture that women will assume child rearing responsibilities. 

The AMA has developed a Position Statement on Medical parents and prevocational and vocational training – 2020.  

This outlines standard expectations to support parenting alongside medical training and outlines responsibilities for specific groups to promote gender equity in all aspects of medicine.   

Its development comes at an important time given the focus on increasing participation of women in the workforce post COVID.  

The position statement provides guidance on strategies to support parenting alongside medical training  to promote gender equity in all aspects of medicine. 

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