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Meaningful healthcare reform amid concerns over transfer of care protocol

Quotes can be attributed to Dr Michael Lumsden Steel, spokesperson AMA Tasmania

AMA Tasmania opposes the current Transfer of Care (ToC) Protocol, which is still a mandated process in all but name and is not backed by any new investment to fix the causes of ambulance ramping.

“We see the current ToC protocol as a highly flawed, politically driven, and hastily implemented response to longstanding healthcare challenges.

“While we all want ambulances back on the road as quickly as possible, this protocol fails to address the underlying issues, which means it is doomed to fail patients and all healthcare workers within our emergency departments.

“We advocate passionately for patient safety and staff well-being, knowing firsthand the immense strain on our healthcare system.

“Emergency doctors know the access block will not change, no matter what protocol is in place, without adequate resources and support throughout the hospital and into the community to support the patient's journey.

“Ramping is not an emergency department problem. Access block is a symptom of an underfunded system.

“We need more subacute and non-acute beds now to free up patient flow within the hospital.

“Tasmanians deserve more than unworkable protocols; they deserve a healthcare system built on meaningful collaboration and sustained investment in long-term solutions.”

The AMA is calling for Minister Butler to work with the Tasmanian government to address the elephant in the room: A sustainable healthcare system funded for the known demand we have in 2024, and financed for projected increases that we know will be needed.

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