Flu deaths plummet during pandemic 

13 Nov 2020

The number of flu-related deaths have plummeted amid the COVID-19 crisis, as Australia emerges from one of its mildest flu seasons on record. 

Department of Health data shows confirmed flu cases have fallen from more than 300,000 cases last year to a meagre 21,215 this year. 

Dr Khorshid said the lower number of flu cases was due to border closures, reduced social interactions, better hygiene and higher levels of influenza vaccination. 

“We were on track for a normal flu season or potentially a severe season until the COVID restrictions were implemented,” Dr Khorshid told The Australian newspaper

“It is important that we build on this number and try and keep influenza cases under control next year and beyond. 

“If we learn the lessons of high vaccination rates, improved hygiene and a level of social distancing, including wearing masks in public when unwell and not attending work unwell, we could see a lasting improvement in influenza rates and deaths.” 

You can read the full article on The Australian website.