Federal Government Review of Funding Arrangements for Diagnostic Imaging and Pathology Services

11 May 2010

The Reviews

The Government has requested that the Department of Health and Ageing undertake detailed reviews of funding for diagnostic imaging and pathology services with the objective of ensuring the Government is paying the right amount to support access for patients to quality services.  The reviews are taking place against the background of the Government’s broader agenda to ensure that spending on health is sustainable, affordable and provides maximum benefit to the greatest number of people, which involves continued emphasis on savings and efficiencies.

For a copy of the Terms of Reference for the reviews and the Department's initial discussion papers, please click on the following links:

Terms of Reference for Diagnostic Imaging Services
Discussion Paper for Diagnostic Imaging Services
Terms of Reference for Pathology Services
Discussion Paper for Pathology Services

The AMA Submissions to the Reviews

The main points in the submissions are:

  • fee for service should remain;
  • patient access and affordability and safety and quality of services is paramount; and
  • the review doesn't ask the right questions so will likely arrive at the wrong answers.

To view the complete copy of the AMA submissions on the review of funding arrangements for diagnostic imaging and pathology services, please click on the following links:

AMA Submission on Diagnostic Imaging funding review

AMA Submission on Pathology funding review