Danish mink mutations a warning

13 Nov 2020

A cluster of COVID-19 cases in Denmark linked to farmed minks is a warning that the virus is unpredictable, potentially affecting future vaccines, AMA Vice President Dr Chris Moy said this week. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that 214 human cases of COVID-19 had been identified in Denmark with a “combination of mutations” that were associated with the furry creatures. 

“Initially, the thought is that COVID-19 came from an animal and it’s come to humans,” Dr Moy told Sky News. 

“The concern is it’s actually gone to minks and then come back to humans, and, in the process, there might have been some change to the virus, some mutation to the virus, that may either affect it in terms of its ability for a vaccine, for example, to work later or that it could change – either become more serious or less serious, more infective or less infective. 

“It’s just a bit of a warning sign to some degree, even though the party line has been that the virus has not mutated or changed into strains.” 

You can watch Dr Moy’s interview here.