Close the Gap Community Guide - Achieving equality in Indigenous health and life expectancy by 2030

8 Apr 2009

Many will be aware that, in March 2008, the AMA signed a Statement of Intent on Indigenous health equality, along with the Prime Minister, the Minister for Health and Ageing, the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, and a range of Australia's major Indigenous and mainstream health organisations. The AMA is a member of the Steering Committee for the 'Close the Gap Campaign for Indigenous health equality', which has been coordinated through the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Through the activities of the 'Close the Gap' Campaign, including the advocacy of the AMA, there have been some significant first steps taken by Australian governments to address Indigenous health inequalities.

To further promote community awareness of the 'Close the Gap' Campaign, and strengthen community participation and support, a "Community Guide" brochure has been produced for broad public distribution. The brochure outlines the problem of health inequality experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the ways forward, and ways in which members of the public can participate and contribute to reduce these inequalites. Hard copies of the brochure can be obtained by phoning the Australian Human Rights Commission.