AMA’s 2022 Federal Election Statement

Australia’s health system is one of the best in the world, however it falls short in several areas including access to care, prevention, and coordination.

The AMA’s 2022 Federal Election Statement outlines areas of the health system in need of reform if Australia is to maintain its standing as a provider of world-class health care. Based on the AMA’s Vision for Australia’s Health, the 2022 Federal Election Statement proposes sensible and targeted initiatives across five pillars - general practice, public hospitals, private health, a health system for all, and a health system for the future.


General practice

International studies prove what general practitioners (GPs) have known for generations – a strong GP-led primary healthcare system keeps people well and saves lives. Despite this, consecutive Commonwealth Governments have failed to provide adequate funding for general practice. This election is an opportunity for both major parties to commit to modernising Medicare through reform and the provision of additional funding that will future proof general practice, keeping people healthier and out of hospital.

Public hospitals

Chronic underfunding at both state/territory and Commonwealth level has led to declining public hospital performance. The AMA is calling for a new funding agreement that funds hospitals to improve performance, expand capacity, and address avoidable admissions. This includes moving to a more equitable 50-50 funding share between the Commonwealth and states and territories, and removing the 6.5 per cent funding cap that constrains the ability of hospitals to meet community demand.

Private health

The unique balance between the public and private sectors makes the Australian health system one of the best in the world. Many Australians however are cancelling their private health insurance policies, and too many of the new members are older and more likely to make substantial claims. The AMA’s 2022 Federal Election Statement outlines several initiatives to improve the value proposition for private health insurance and create a platform for genuine reform of our private healthcare system.

A health system for all

The AMA’s vision is for a sustainable health system, which achieved via policy and funding reform, where prevention is the foundation of healthcare planning and design. This election is an opportunity for both parties to commit to identifying and filling service gaps for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people with mental health needs, people living in aged care settings and other vulnerable groups.

A health system for the future

Building a health system for the future will require us to embrace new technology and innovation, consolidate the gains from COVID-19 reforms such as telehealth and e-prescribing, and build upon these gains to facilitate better access for all patients. The AMA’s 2022 Federal Election Statement outlines several initiatives to incorporate data and technology into care delivery, as well as opportunities for Australia to play a global role in the prevention of epidemics, pandemics, and other health threats.

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