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AMACDT x AMSA Mental Health Support Traffic Light Guide

There is no question that it has been a difficult few years for medical students and doctors in training. The impacts of the pandemic, disruptions to training, and increased workloads on the health and wellbeing of our future workforce have been immense, with many of the repercussions yet to be seen.

Navigating the many support services available for medical students and junior doctors can be difficult, with many reporting although they know services exist, when they are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it is difficult to know where exactly to go, and what level of support each service provides.

The Australian Medical Association Council of Doctors in Training (AMACDT) and the Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) and have partnered to to create a Traffic Lights Flyer which provides a list of all of the support services available for students and junior doctors, and provides recommendation as to what services to access depending on the level of stress, mental illness or acute need the individual is facing. Our vision is for every doctor and medical student to have this flyer saved on their phone, should they, or any of their colleagues ever need support. 

We welcome any suggestions for improvements to the flyer and plan to update and re-share the document on an annual basis with the start of the new medical year.

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