AMACDT Trainee Forum on College Assessment April 2021

The AMACDT and Specialist Medical College Trainee Chairs and Representatives met via video conference on 29 April 2021 to discuss variability in exam processes, exam pass rates, quality of exam feedback, and the extent to which examinations reflect curriculum.

There was general agreement that Specialist Medical Colleges should:

  • Explore options to collaborate and/or standardise examination processes across Colleges with regards to:
    • Number of total examinations required to achieve fellowship.
    • Validation of the number of examination attempts prior to needing to exit the training program, whilst increasing support for those needing to exit if limit reached.
    • Examination costs.
    • Part-time pro rata.
  • Commit to a minimum suggested target pass rate of 70% for any particular College examination. [1]
  • Investigate ways to reduce variability in examinations processes to increase standardisation.
  • Elevate mechanisms that support diversity and ensure examination processes reduce bias wherever possible.
  • Increase support for First Nations trainees and trainees from non-English speaking and culturally diverse backgrounds to progress through examinations and other forms of College assessment.
  • Increase the quality of support for trainees who fail examinations, which should include both educational and professional support and support for trainee wellbeing. There was also a desire to improve processes of feedback to include clear details of areas of strengths and weaknesses, and further improving processes to increase transparency and fairness in review, reconsideration, and appeal endeavours.
  • Develop a reporting framework to improve transparency of costs of training and assessment.

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[1] Ideally this figure should be informed by an analysis of previous pass rates.


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