AMA working with authorities on rollout

8 Jan 2021

The AMA welcomes the accelerated timeframe and the assurances that the normal approval processes are being carried out to reassure the community that these are the safe vaccines that they appear to be.

AMA President Dr Omar Khorshid said the Therapeutic Goods Administration is yet to sign off on final approval for the Pfizer vaccine and stressed that this process cannot be rushed. 

“However, the initial rollout of the Pfizer vaccine to the highest priority groups - those that are most likely to be exposed to or become severely ill - will give them protection from infection. 

“While this first phase must be delivered through hospitals only, given the storage and supply constraints, the AMA will continue to work with the Australian Government on the next, much more extensive, phase of vaccination to the general population. 

“It is not the vaccine which will save us, but the safe and effective vaccination of the whole community which will protect us all."