AMA Submission in response to the Second Draft of the RACGP Standards for General Practices (5th edition)

20 Sep 2016

The AMA has provided a submission to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners on its Second Draft of the Standards for General Practices (5th edition). The 5th edition Standards are due to be released in October 2017. 

The AMA in its submission has focussed its response on ensuring the revised Standards are practical, achievable and provide direction for Australia's general practices in the provision of safe and quality care. In particular, the AMA submission comments on:

  • The re-ordering of the Standards 1-3 in the Core module;
  • Criterion C1.2 - Telephone and electronic communications;
  • Criterion C1.5 - Costs associated with care initiated by the practice;
  • Criterion C2.1 - Respectful and culturally appropriate care;
  • Criterion C2.2 - Presence of a third party during a consultation;
  • Criterion C2.3.1 - Access to services;
  • Criterion C3.1 - Business operation systems;
  • Criterion C5.2 - Clinical autonomy for practitioners;
  • Criterion C6.1 - Rquesting a preferred practitioner;
  • Criterion C9.1 - Qualifications and training of healthcare practitioners;
  • Criterion C9.2 - Qualifications and training of non-clinical staff;
  • Criterion QI1.2 - Patient feedback;
  • Criterion QI2.1 - Health summaries;
  • Criterion QI2.2 - Safe and quality use of medicines;
  • Criterion QI3.2 - Open disclosure;
  • Criterion GP1.1 - Responsive system for patient care;
  • Criterion GP1.2 - Home and other visits;
  • Criterion GP.1.3 - Care outside normal opening hours; and
  • Criterion GP1.5 - Follow up systems