AMA Submission to Proposed reforms to the regulation of vapes consultation paper

The AMA strongly supports the reforms to the regulation of vapes proposed by the TGA. The Government and the TGA have listened to the expert medical, public health and scientific advice in drafting these significant reforms. Vaping is a significant public health issue for Australia and this submission details the AMA's support of reforms which will address it. 

Younger people and children are increasingly becoming addicted to vaping because vapes are so easily accessible. The evidence demonstrates that people who vape are three times more likely to smoke than people who have never vaped, and that former smokers who vape are more likely to relapse. We now have a situation where smoking rates for 14-17 year olds in Australia is trending upwards. For non-smokers, there are multiple health risks associated with vaping.

While the AMA recognises that vaping may assist some people to quit smoking, this should be a last resort, prescribed by a patient’s doctor who has a strong understanding of their patient’s health and history. 

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