AMA Submission to National Law Tranche 2 legislation 

The operation of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (the scheme) for Health Professionals is of paramount importance to all medical professionals.

The AMA supports a system which is transparent and accountable. It is vitally important that the profession retains the confidence of the public, and we understand that a transparent, easy-to-access complaints and disciplinary system is essential to achieve this goal.   

 The AMA agrees that the protection of the public is a critical role of the scheme. We believe that this is already achieved under the current arrangements and that many of the amendments in this Bill will unnecessarily negatively impact on medical professionals. We believe that the scheme needs always to uphold the principles of natural justice for all stakeholders as much as it needs to do anything else. It is essential that the wellbeing and state of mind of the practitioner be at the forefront of any investigations so as to reduce the negative impact on the mental health of the medical professionals we rely on so much to do the work that needs to be done.   

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