AMA submission to the 2010 review of the Medicare provider number legislation

18 Nov 2010

Sections 19AA, 3GA and 3GC of the Health Insurance Act 1973 are collectively known as the Medicare provider number legislation. The legislation restricts Medicare provider numbers to medical practitioners who hold fellowship of a medical college or are undertaking a vocational training program leading to a fellowship. The Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing is required to undertake a review of the Medicare provider number legislation and present a report to Federal Parliament about the operation and effect of the legislation by the end of 2010. The last review was undertaken in 2005. 

The AMA has made a submission to the review. We have called for a number of measures including medical training initiatives; the introduction of a single Medicare provider number for all practice locations; and the grandfathering of pre-1996 non-vocationally registered general practitioners who were accessing GP Medicare rebates prior to 1 November 1996 and have predominantly been in general practice for a minimum of five years since that date.

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